We’ve heard it before. Consistency is key. Specifically, creating a theme for your brand and business is key. A theme can be using the same color palette in graphics, posting the same size photos to social media, or using the same filters as presets to edit photos. Most businesses utilize the colors in their logo to create the color palette everything else is based on. The colors specific to the brand name helps consumers recognize and remember who you are and what you do.

Second, consistency comes with the size of posts. Each social media platform has different ways you can post, so it depends on what your brand wants to portray to your followers. For example, Instagram has a horizontal or a vertical option for posting photos or videos. You can also zoom in or out to adjust the size of the post. Keeping the same size of the posts makes your page look clean and even.

Finally, presets are a great way to edit unique photos to have the same theme. Essentially, a preset is a specific way you edit your picture, and you can save it to use for other pictures as well. You can create your own or purchase a set of edits from big-name influencers and celebrities. Presets work hand in hand with the color palette and photo size on your social media. It continues the consistency and look of the brand, therefore establishing brand identity. 

Consumers want to know they can trust you to be consistent in your work, so using social media to physically show them is key in maintaining brand identity.