By now, the wearing of face coverings or masks is deemed required in most states and/or counties. The most innovative ways brands are now normalizing the wearing of face coverings is by getting creative. Companies such as Disney, the NFL, and Nike all decided to make masks and sell them with their own logo on it. Many companies are following suit and adding their own touch to masks. While this makes wearing masks more fun and fashionable, it also advertises well-known Disney characters or successful sports teams. This is a brand-new form of advertising, especially since the majority of people wear a mask. 

What better way to stay connected and up to date than creating masks tailored to your own brand? This not only helps to keep people safe and healthy but also spreads the word about your brand! There are many different websites that will help you create and design face masks to which you can add your own logo. Three websites that are easy to navigate for designing are,, and For example, our HYPE mask was easily created using While there are plenty more design businesses that are now offering the customization of masks, these three specific websites are simple to use and readily accessible. 

This type of brand advertising is just another thing to be added to the new normal of our everyday routines. The CDC recommends that everyone, sick or healthy, wears a face covering in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please do your part and join the rest of us wearing your mask. Take this opportunity to create your own masks and spread the word about your own business. This is the new normal, so why not embrace it and grow your business.